2032 Westfield Avenue, Scotch Plains, New Jersey 07076, United States

(908) 322-5192

200 pounds


of chop meat for meatballs

170 pounds


of hamburger meat

1,200 pounds


of sausage

That was just a small portion of the food ordered for the Scotch Plains/UNICO Labor Day Festival when if first started in 1975. Members of UNICO and the parish community literally spent weeks preparing various Italian dishes for the festivial. While the food for the feast is no longer prepared by the community and  chopped meat no longer costs 98 cents a pound, the festival has remained a tradition in Scotch Plains for over 40 years.

Activities include rides, games and there will also be a wonderful  selection of food and drinks such as mouth-watering sausage sandwiches,  zeppole, mussels, calzones, pizza, pasta and pastries. Nightly 50/50’s  take place and a super 50/50 is drawn on Monday night, winners have  taken home up to $16,000! 

One of the many highlights of the weekend is a mass celebrated in  Italian, which takes place on Saturday at 5:00 PM, following by a  procession to honor the patron saint of Montazzoli, Italy, Saint Nicola  di Bari. The procession is accompanied by Italian music.

 Proceeds from the feast benefit three organizations: